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William Whitecloud, one of Laurel Cohn's clients

William Whitecloud
The Magician's Way
Self-published (1st ed.)
New World Library (US 2nd ed.)

Manuscript development

'Laurel Cohn treated my manuscript with a deep appreciation for exactly what it was, both in terms of its style and content. I was very impressed with her deft and economical touch. With surprisingly few flourishes she managed to enhance my own voice while massively improving the structure and readability of my manuscript. Of all the aspects of writing and producing my book, working with Laurel was by far the most pleasant. She's a magician, no doubt about it!'




Self-publishing can be a rewarding experience, both creatively and financially, but it is time consuming and hard work, and requires high upfront costs. Those who have done it successfully have approached self-publishing — even just one title — as a small business venture.

If you are unfamiliar with the publishing world and choose to self-publish, you are set for a steep learning curve! There is much you need to understand to make your book into a professional publication including the appropriate ISBN and cataloguing information needed by libraries, distributors, shops and online booksellers.

There are several steps involved in self-publishing. All but one of these (printing) apply to both print and e-books. It is important to be fully aware of the steps and costs involved in undertaking a self-publishing project before you commit to this path.
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Laurel Cohn Editing and Manuscript Development Service is proud to have played a part in many successful self-publishing ventures.