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Pollyanna Darling – one of Laurel Cohn's clients

Pollyanna Darling
The Relationship Revelation
Digital and print editions

Manuscript development
Design and layout

‘Working with Laurel was easy, effortless and fun. Her editing style is constructive and insightful. She particularly helped me with the internal structure of my book, transforming it from something rather clumsy into a layout that really serves my message. I will happily use her services again.’




E-books are a great option for some types of books, but not appropriate for every project or every writer.

Many e-book devices use software that makes text reflow to suit that particular reader. This also allows the reader options, such as to resize text and change text colour. This reflowing of text may not be appropriate for a book that is designed to have a certain layout of text and images visible on a single page. Home computers and digital devices are usually able to read PDF files, a format which does not reflow the text, keeping the integrity of the page exactly as it has been designed.

Many e-book distribution and publishing sites promote the fact that there are no costs involved in uploading a book and having it available through their site. While this is true, it does not mean that publishing an e-book is cost free. Editing, design and promotions all play an important role in creating a successful e-book and you may need to pay for professional services. Read more on the FAQs page.

If you are considering publishing an e-book, you are most likely self-publishing. Read more about self-publishing.

E-books work well for: